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Hello, I'm Chad, owner and sole technician at AnkenyFixit. AnkenyFixit specializes in iPhone and iPad repairs, by appointment. I repair cracked screens, damaged charge ports, replace batteries and address almost any other issues you may have with your iDevice. I use high quality parts and stand behind my work 100%. In 2009 I became the first iPhone repair business in Iowa, and still going strong thanks to keeping up my strong reputation, therefore helping my customers to feel comfortable referring me to their friends and family. Ask around...ask your Facebook friends, ask your neighbors, ask your wireless provider. Odds are they are going to refer you to AnkenyFixit. AnkenyFixit LLC is a veteran-owned business. 

AnkenyFixit is a home business, so overhead is low allowing me to use high quality parts and still offer very competitive pricing. I offer personal and friendly service, and a very flexible schedule, by appointment. I value my reputation, and strive to keep all of my customers happy and spreading the word.​ I have 25+ years of experience in the repair field, and a degree in Electronics Technology. I look forward to helping you with your repair needs.




I was born in Virginia and grew up in Maryland and Virginia. While serving in the US Navy I met my wife, who is from Lake City, IA. I forgot to ask her where she was from before things got serious, so after we were both out of the Navy and a few years living in Richmond, VA, we moved out here to the midwest. I took a job in the broadcast systems integration industry, which required me to travel, mostly east coast and west coast (even Japan at one point). I ended up working that job for 8 long years, missing some birthdays, first steps etc. In 2012, with two children at home and a crumbling broadcast industry after the 2007-08 economic turmoil, I decided to get off the road. I took a local job (and a significant pay cut) which allowed me to further work on a part-time business I had started in 2009. After a year working my regular job during the day, and spending my evenings and weekends working on AnkenyFixit, I decided I had to choose one or the other. I chose AnkenyFixit.


Chad Heflebower

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