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NEW! Now offering EXTENDED CAPACITY iPhone batteries.
Battery Replacement, as low as $39!

Is your iPhone battery not lasting as long as it used to, or shutting off when it still shows 30% or more? AnkenyFixit can test your battery and show you how many charge cycles it has been through, it's design capacity and it's current capacity. Many batteries in 6/7/8/X series iPhones are only delivering 40-80% of their original charge capacity, some less than 30% or worse! That means when that iPhone is fully charged and shows 100%, it has charged the 30% of the battery that's still active.


A new battery replacement from AnkenyFixit will give your iPhone the battery life you experienced the day you bought it and even more on some models, and comes with a 1 year guarantee, all from just $39. That's a far cry from the cost of a new iPhone. Extended capacity batteries are same size batteries with more capacity. This is possible due to newer core technologies.

PSA: Don't use cheap charge cables! Learn more here.
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